MIUS Poche Tyvek Vertica Wallet

Poche Tyvek Vertica paper wallet
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Hand-painted Poche Tyvek wallet is a perfect combination of nature and modernity. Hand sewn Tyvek is a revolutionary material that meets the demands of today’s life.


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The inside of the wallet has three comfortable compartments – two for cards and one for the bigger documents. The upper part has a comfortable space with a zipper that can store a significant amount of coins. Enormous space for banknotes will accommodate any type of banknote. The closed wallet is only 5 mm thick. It is very resistant to ripping and bending. The wallet is waterproof (thanks to the special structure the water flows over the surface), it can be easily cleaned with water at low temperature. The wallet is hand-cut, folded and sewn. The product is also hand painted and soaked.

The wallet includes credit cards, business cards, entry cards, banknotes (even non-standard), vehicle registration certificate etc.

Material: Tyvek
Size: 90mmx110mm(220mm opened)x5mm
Packaging: cardboard box made from biodegradable materials