Poche Tyvek Classic White

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Poche Tyvek’s wallet is a perfect combination of nature and modernity. Hand sewn Tyvek is a revolutionary material that meets the demands of today’s life.


Product Description

Poche Tyvek Classic White

The interior of the wallet has three convenient pockets for credit cards and business cards, a large pocket for bills that can accommodate any type of denomination. The outer compartment has a convenient zipper pocket that can store a considerable amount of coins. When you close the portfolio it has only a thickness of 4 millimeters.

It’s also has a very high tolerance to tearing and bending. The portfolio can also be easily cleaned up with water in low temperatures.

You can hold credit cards, business cards, entry cards, banknotes (even the biggest like 500 Euro), Polish car proof of registration etc.

You can write and draw on the surface. An extra white Tyveku sheet is added to test your creativity.